Aklavik H. pylori Project

Aklavik H. pylori Project Progress Report (link)

Project components:

  • Community screening and surveys
  • Endoscopy
  • Treatment
  • Policy development
  • Knowledge exchange


Date Event
February 2007 Community approval obtained to develop a research project in Aklavik
May 2007 Community input workshops initiated
September 2007 Northwest Territories research license obtained
November 2007 Data collection initiated (community screening and particpant questionnaires)
February 2008 Endoscopy component initiated
February to April 2008 Pathology component initiated
February to November 2008 Microbiology comonent initiated
April 2008 Pathology results reported back to participants
April 2008 Wave 2 data collection (community screening and participant questionnaires)
September to November 2008 Wave 3 data collection (community screening and participant questionnaires)
April to October 2008 Knowledge transfer strategy development
November to December 2008 Treatment component initiated
January to March 2009 Short-term treament follow-up & partipant questionnaires
November 2011 to March 2012 Long-term treatment follow-up
March 2017 Long-term endoscopy follow-up
Ongoing Inform community of research results
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