Old Crow H.pylori Project

Old Crow is the northern most community in Yukon, and is accessible only by aircraft, or canoe if you like an adventure. Old Crow derives its name from an Indian Chief, “Deetru’ K’avihdik”, which means “Crow May I Walk”. Following his death in the 1870’s, his people named the river, mountain and area in his honor, thus being the community of Old Crow. It is home to the Vuntut Gwitchin, meaning “People of the Lakes” Their main source of livelihood is trapping, hunting and fishing. The population is approximately 300. Link: http://www.oldcrow.ca

Project Components

  • Community screening and surveys
  • Endoscopy
  • Treatment
  • Policy development
  • Knowledge exchange


April 2008Darius Elias contacted Dr. Karen Goodman to find out about bringing the research to Old Crow
July 2008Dr. Karen Goodman, Rachel Munday (Nurse-in-charge, Aklavik, NT) and Janis Huntington traveled to Old Crow to present at the Bi-annual Gwitchin Gathering
August 2008A resolution was passed at the Vuntut Gwitchin General Assembly by consensus to bring H. pylori research to Old Crow
August 2009Presentation given at the VGFN General Assembly to update the community on progress with arrangements for starting research
Sept 2009Local outreach personnel hired to distribute pamphlets and inform community face-to-face about research progress and collect any questions people might have
May 2010First planning workshops held with Old Crow H. pylori Planning Committee
August 2010Second planning workshops held with Old Crow H. pylori Planning Committee
September 2010Old Crow H. pylori Planning Committee presented a progress report to the Vuntut Gwitchin General Assembly
December 2010Data collection initiated
January 2012Endoscopy component initiated
Treatment component initiated
February to March 2012Pathology component initiated
March 2012Pathology results reported back to participants
OngoingShort-term treatment follow
Research results reported to community